Community Grocery Cooperative is comprised of community members within the Washington DC Metro Area with the goal of opening and operating collectively owned grocery stores in our under served neighborhoods. Our current focus is on the areas East of the River, Wards 7 and 8. We are continuously working to gather a financial  foundation as we grow support and owner-membership through creating unity within community among residents and community leaders to make this dream a reality.

In the Nation’s Capital there are 70,000 residents in all 8 Wards. Ward 6 has a total of 11 grocery stores and yet Wards 7 and 8 combined only have 3. While the East of the River region has been split into 2 Wards it is clear that they both are one region with the same issues of low access to food, poor health and low employment opportunities.  With us being aware of this issue of food access Community Grocery Cooperative is working to transform Wards 7 and 8. First step is teaching residents the many great benefits and opportunities a food co-op business model can bring. With plenty of training and guidance from national co-op organizations, like the Food Co-op Initiative ,we have all the resources we need to be proactive in securing better health, wealth and sustainability for the community.

Our next community meet up will be posted soon. Check back here or on our Facebook Page for updates.


Up and Coming Conference 2019


One of our board members had the opportunity to go to this year’s Up and Coming Conference in Milwaukee Wisconsin. This conference is held every year by the Food Co-op Initiative. An organization that helps start-up co-ops with the resources they need to successfully build food co-ops in their communities. Below is Clarice on the train heading to Milwaukee. She shared how cold it was during her visit, but she enjoyed the great energy from everyone she met and the presenters at the conference.


She got a chance to talk with Jaqualine from Food Co-op Initiative that has been a major help with CGC getting started and learning all about building a co-op from the bottom up. She also made connections with North Flint Food Market Co-op, SoLa Food Co-op from South LA and Little Africa Co-op from Cleveland Ohio.

Clarice is all energized and fired up to share what she learned with the community. Check back for soon to come events and meet-ups for anyone who is interested in helping to build a grocery store for DC that is owned and operated by the residents in our community.

Also check out the Food Cooperative Initiative’s website. In a lot of ways we are still learning and growing. We want you to learn and grow with us.


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