About CGC

Our Purpose

To provide residents in Wards 7 and 8 access to healthy food and local products that’s equitable and affordable that will support a healthy lifestyle. We’re also passionate in providing entrepreneurial opportunities, skills training and employment to residents that desire those opportunities.

We are a Consumer – Owned Cooperative.

 This means the business is:

  • owned and controlled by it’s customers
  • a way for owner-members to decide on what to do with profit or savings made at the end of the year. Can be reinvested back into the business, paid out to it’s members or put towards helping other community initiatives, etc.
  • able to give members/customers control over what they want and need in the store while selling those goods at fair and affordable prices
  • helping keep local dollars in the community by supporting local farmers and businesses  within the community it serves

Meet Our Board of Directors

Ginia Avery

Ginia Avery – Financial Coordinator / Business Engagement

A native Washingtonian and longtime Ward 4 resident. Ginia sits on the Board of Directors and is also the Board Treasurer. With years of experience working for Ward 4 Thrives and the Georgia Avenue Business Association she has years of experience working for small businesses in the District.

Email: giniaavery@gmail.com

Clarice Manning

Clarice Manning – Administrative Secretary / Community Outreach

Clarice is a native Washingtonian and ward 7 resident. She sits on the Board of Directors and runs her own natural product line. When she is not crafting and marketing her business she is teaching Capoeira to children and volunteering at local community gardens.

Email: soulartista@gmail.com